Tuesday, October 07, 2008

A reason to be MAD!

Have you seen this story or heard the news today? This really makes me mad! There are Americans across this country unable to pay their UTILITY bills because of the soaring costs associated with fuel and oil and EVERYTHING else (do a Google News search on 'utility shut-offs' or look for the Associated Press story) and meanwhile, we, the PEOPLE, are paying for such luxury on top of the bailout! There needs to be MORE ACCOUNTABILITY!
People are attempting or succeeding suicide because of their own personal financial problems - like the 90-year-old woman who tried to kill herself because she was being evicted from her home that was being FORECLOSED. She had been paying on it for 38 years!

It's just not right. And what is this winter going to be like? Where is the government going to be then? Will there be a bailout of the American people when it comes to heating their homes this winter? Probably not! Guess who suffers the most? The elderly and children.

There's a program across the country that assists many with their home heating costs, but it's a drop in the bucket and I see fault with it on many levels. Not everyone is on public assistance, so not everyone will benefit from the low income energy heating program. The program first kicks out benefits for those who do get PA. But what about those on disability who don't go through their local DHS resource office? In Oklahoma, that's the agency that handles the program. Other states have other agencies handle it (or did in the past).

And what about the working class poor - hey, don't most of us fit in that category these days?!
And everyday I hear of people in my own community who are losing their jobs because "it's slow"... it is such a vicious cycle.
Thanks for reading my rant, but now I must go tune into the Presidential -ah-hem 'debate'....
I think we are all screwed! Democrats, Republicans ...sorry, I don't have much faith right now for either side.
We've got Barack preaching 'change' and McCain who refuses to even tell his running mate he's getting ready to cease campaigning in Michigan and the list goes on and on for both sides. I'm holding my breath, have been blue for a few weeks now! ....
And to those of you who were not expecting my rant, I apologize. I know, usually it's just photos! But maybe I will share photos later!
I'd love to hear comments, just keep it from being too ugly or I won't approve it for publication!

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