Saturday, October 11, 2008

Trading fun!

I stumbled onto this photographer's work this summer and during the course of e-mail conversations back and forth, we decided to do a trade. Heather picked one image I had featured in my etsy shop at that time, and I found an image off her Web site that I loved! Well, the trade is complete. I got this in the mail this week! It's gorgeous! We both sell cards and prints, and I'll tell you this, I love her photos, which are mostly food related. She inspired me to do some food photography and for those who haven't done this, it is a challenge!

But it is so much fun!
So thank you Heather! Everyone, be sure to visit her site! I have a permanent link in my blog list to the right. heatherbydesigns. Oh and she wrote the nicest thing in the card she sent me: "I am enjoying my print immensely!" So am I!

The one she chose from my shop: