Thursday, May 10, 2007


Today I trekked through what must be the best place in southern Oklahoma just outside Comanche. Now, I've driven this way for years, but never left the main highway in this particular part of the county. Wow, was I surprised. These photos really just show the reason why I ended up at Lee and Kim McGarr's dairy sheep farm at KS & A Orchards, where they have managed to start a great business using Friesen sheep.
They make soap, lamb jerky and this weekend their first batch of bleu cheese will be ready for retail and wholesale orders.
I'll have more on this later, but meanwhile enjoy these photos. It was muddy, the sheep were dropping babies and it was just a great joy to be at the McGarr's place. I plan to go back many more times just for photographic purposes. They have a gorgeous pecan orchard and other wonderful country treasures (like an old barn). Lee is a pilot and was a bush pilot in Alaska. They are full of great stories.
Thanks again Kim and Lee! It was fun, in spite of the fact that I wore my best flip flops and walked through sheep poop!

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Elaine Warner said...

Great photos, Toni. I was there just a few days before you were and I loved it. You might be interested in my traveling teddy blog It's written for two third grade classes and is part of the Society of American Travel Writers geography education program.