Sunday, May 06, 2007

Please don't!

Just have to post this after hearing from a wonderful photographer what ugly thing happened to her. I won't post her name here, but I will say, this photographer out of California is just unbelievably awesome. Her work is like none that I've ever seen and she has gone to great lengths to become one of the most sought after young photographers around. She's like half my age and I want to do photography like her 'when I grow up!' Plus she's spent thousands of dollars to have the best sets, best gear, etc...

But, the reason I titled this entry "please don't" is because one of her senior clients scanned in the prints they ordered from that photographer and then sent her an email about how they loved playing with the images in photoshop.

Needless to say, the photographer is extremely upset. Like she said, it's like saying to her that her work isn't good enough the way it is, that it is a slap in the face. NOT to mention all the COPYRIGHT VIOLATIONS this girl has just committed by scanning in the photographer's final prints.
So, no matter how tempted you are, just DON'T. Aside from being illegal, it's just plain RUDE! If you've paid a photographer for their services and talents, and bought the images and or CD, etc...then you should be happy with them the way they are presented to you.
Don't take it upon yourself to 'play' with them.

If you have a session with a photographer and want something special, even if it is just a border added, or your name, just talk with the photographer ahead of time or at your proofing show to make sure they can do it. Don't assume it's OK for you to play.

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