Friday, May 25, 2007

Something new!

I just added something new. A sneak peek can be found in the images of Little Miss K., Ashley's senior photo and another on the country church. The blends were created by a fantastic photographer/designer and I am the only in this area offering them as an addition to your photos. If you book a new session with me by June 5 and want one of these textures (I have 10 of them!) I will add it to a photo at no cost. They are cool for wallets for seniors, or just making a little tot's photo look vintage. They are also extremely cool on fashion style portraits and I am looking for a few models who might be interested in building their portfolio. I'm also going to be adding to my site a complete gallery offering a fine art line for blank greeting cards or wall art. If you have a photo from a previous session that I did and want this added, it is $15 per image.
And, in case you missed the last post, read below. I have a $45 special going on and it is booking up!

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Misty C said...

I LOVE this! The pic of the church is gorgeous!