Friday, August 24, 2007

Stephens County Free Fair - 100 years!

Here are the queens who will represent the Stephens County Free Fair this weekend and they will promote the fair until next year! I won't post the names yet, but if you know them, then you don't need their names! Congratulations to all the girls. Everyone looked so pretty last night in spite of the heat.
I have lots of midway carnival shots but don't know when I will get a chance to post them. I will try later today to post some. Meanwhile, gather your family and head to the fairgrounds in Duncan. There is plenty to do and see. Don't forget to visit the tradeshow in the exhibit building. Be sure to stop by the booth of Catchlight Photography/Shirley Helton. She is so nice! And her photos are good. I know, some of you will go, but that's your competition! No, I don't feel like I'm competing. Her maternity photos are beautiful! She does her thing and I do mine. So anyway, just be sure to stop by her booth and get to know her. She's done a fantastic job with her display.

PS. I do have more photos from the coronation ceremony. If the moms or relatives are interested, I can create an online private gallery for viewing of them. Just send me an email.

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