Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Cool finds..photo related!

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Now for the real post!
Since I'm way too tired this early a.m. to dig up a photo to post, I'm sitting here surfing one of my favorite online places - no not ebay! Ruby Lane! First I found a very cool cat brooch, not posting it since I may still buy it! But then I found this: www.rubylane.com/shops/buttercups/item/291.
It's a Battlefields of Gettysburg set of vintage photographs with a small box they fit in. It says the price is $35 which isn't bad for souvenir photos of our nation's historical land. Imagine crafting a story to go along with the images? Would be great for an art series or altered journal. this particular shop also has other items, particularly nice are her vintage books and vintage children's books for sale.

And you can always stop by my new etsy shop if you are in the mood! Well it isn't new but I am just now listing items. It's mostly to sell my fine art photographs, blank notecards. But I've also got some vintage finds listed.
I go by photogypsy320. Try this link and it might get you there!

And I did add a photo here of one of my Carnival series images that can be found on my etsy shop. This one is titled "Carnival Vintage" and seems to be a very popular image. I can also sell it larger sizes with a digital mat added to preserve the entire image. Let me know if you are interested.

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