Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Prayers for the McCarter family

I first learned of Clint McCarter's death Sunday night, but didn't have details. Sadly, on Monday, I learned it was true that he was killed in a head-on collision over the weekend in Las Vegas, Nevada.
I didn't know Clint, but I know his parents, Ray and Kathy, through my work as a journalist and Ray as a legislator here in Oklahoma. While my job required me to go from one paper to another, it seemed my path always crossed Ray's. Even when I went to Waurika to serve as editor there. His daughter happened to live down there and Ray was there quite often usually in his role as a politician.
I just can't imagine the heartache that he and his wife are experiencing. My prayers are with their family in this tragic time.
I do know that there will be a graveside service in Addington (south of Duncan, actually south of Comanche) in Jefferson County on Saturday.

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