Sunday, October 21, 2007

Pirate Roman!

Absolutely one of my favorite little boys! His first Halloween photos. The convict outfit apparently was his aunt's (on his mom's side) outfit when she was two and she's a senior this year. Too cute. I don't think that I ever saved any of my boys outfits from Halloween. I wished now that I had so Roman could have wore his daddy's outfit. We had so much fun doing this set. I can't wait for my son and his gf to see the end results. Oh and to add, the lollipop, well that turned out to be a big OOPS. I thought it had an internal plastic wrap also on it and gave it to him and he got his first taste of candy. His daddy was not happy about that! And the look on Roman's face when we took it away..well... this is right before, so I think he knew candy time was over..."It's mine.."

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