Saturday, November 10, 2007

Congratulations in order!

Congratulations to Miss Hannah! I got an e-mail from her mom Friday and then saw them at Wal-Mart later that day before Heather saw my email reply. Hannah has won yet another Miss Photogenic title from the photo shoot I did of her in the summer! I believe her mom said that makes three crowns now. Awesome Hannah! I can't wait until we do more photos and remember what I said, start a little file of images you see in teen magazines of those you like and we will see what we can do to so that you have fun doing outdoor photos!

And now for just a little self-applauding, Heather mentioned that the judges were extremely impressed with not only Hannah, but the overall quality of the images and that the photos and the way Hannah was portrayed in them was what they were looking for. I think people are tired of the very plastic looking overmade up 1980s look. Just remember that when putting a model portfolio together. Hannah's photos from the summer session are on my site (link at left) in a featured gallery and children's images.

I'd have to say that Audrey Woulard is a good example of what TO DO when shooting kids portraits. She is a dynamic photographer and really can capture the personality of a child without using a ton of fancy gear. She does a lot of photography for Ford Model agency and stays quite busy with about 35 sessions a month. I hope to attend one of her workshops.

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