Sunday, November 25, 2007

Good music, freezing weather, but who cares?! I've known both Audrey and Orvel for nearly 10 years. Less than a year ago, Audrey cut her first album, a Christian album. She has the most magnificent rich voice and when she sings Amazing Grace, wow! Add the old upright piano and it gets even better. Well, right after she cut her first CD and I bought one the day she was out delivering them to the local Hasting's store, we talked about her next one. Oh, probably a week or two later, she called me and said, "hey, I want you to do my photos for the next cover!" Wow!, so we decided we'd do them in the fall. Well it pretty much came and went and I have been so busy. While I was on the airplane to Florida a week ago Friday, my cell rang and sure enough it was Audrey. I didn't answer as I was getting ready to shut my cell off per captain's orders. When I got back, I had forgot to call her back, but Audrey being ever persistent (she's a police officer too!) showed up at my workplace and I knew I was in big trouble. Hahah! Well, how does Orvel fit into this scheme?
He has a place I have exclusive shooting rights at and I knew it would be perfect for Audrey's photos. BUT, of all things, the weekend we decide to do this is absolutely freezing. Audrey was determined though. We met up in Marlow and caravaned to the old west town and after working to get some shots in a very dark church, we headed over to another building where Audrey and Orvel sat down at this piano. Loads of fun!

There's also a story behind the robes Audrey wore for the session. A local seamstress creates them. They are absolutely gorgeous.

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