Wednesday, April 02, 2008

American Idol, must say

I just can't see how Ramiele lasted as long as she did. And what is wrong with America? Kristy Cook can sing! Yet week after week, she gets sent to the chair. Just wrong. But really, what was really wrong tonight was seeing Brooke in the bottom three. Come on fans! Justin, Jason, what is his name? He belongs over there, most definitely not Brooke. She's real, she's fun and her voice is great. Now granted, she doesn't have the vocals like Carly but .... I know, eventually several of my favorites will get booted. Some of yours will too, you know it! This is my favorite bunch: David Cook, Michael Johns, Carly and Brooke. Kristy is also a favorite, but sometimes, she reminds me of Katrina Elam and well, I just can't help but think she 'mimics' Kat, though I'm sure she doesn't and even if so, that's quite a compliment. Oh, speaking of Kat, her myspace features a couple new songs, one "Him or Us" gave me total goosebumps and almost had me bawling. Wow. Good job Kat! It may be 'the song' Kat needs, though I am partial and think every one of her songs is 'that one!'
I thought about pulling out an old photo of Kat and posting it, but decided that wouldn't be fair without a forewarn her way. So, no photo on this post. Instead, go check out Kat's music on her myspace page. But while you're here, do you agree with my AI choices or not?!

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vera*lana photography said...

I'm totally with you on the AI choices. I think that's the crowd we more "mature" viewers (ie not teenagers) like. But we just don't vote like the kids do ;)