Saturday, April 05, 2008

Photo Scavenger Hunt!

Who wants to play?! Here's the rules: Send the images to me at and I will post them here over the coming days. I'll announce when the HUNT is over. Just something fun that hopefully will get you away from the computer for awhile! I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with. If there's enough interest in this, I may put together a little 8x8 softcover book with photogs credited. When you send your photo, let me know if it's OK to use it. Oh and they don't have to be just SOOC, you can texture it, TTv it, whatever....You don't have to send me every thing on the list, just one is fine. The rest of them could be for your own challenge. But you can send me more than one if you want. Either way, this is just something fun, a photo challenge to think out of the box.

Here's the list:

1. Photo of your hometown newspaper, front page OR Newspaper Racks all in a row.
2. Something Paisley.
3. your best wine shot.
4. Vintage telephone, any kind. Preferably at an antique shop or the like.
5. Zoo pic -- be sure to name the animal and the zoo!
6. Polaroid image - no self portrait. Be very creative with this shot!
7. 511 - the number 511 -
8. bicycle
9. tricycle
10. Garden kitsch (gnome or something like that..goofy, quirky, better!)
11. Kids in Prom outfits out in public somewhere (for some reason, they love to hang out at Wal-mart after Prom in the wee hours of the morning) maybe a cool night portrait shot in a parking lot or something!
12. Lime green shirt, skirt, etc...wild pattern preferred.
13. Public Laundromat at midnight.
14. Your best food shot in a public diner.
15. Most interesting church sign in your town right now.
16. Most interesting window display in your town on MAIN STREET! As in Main StreetUSA! Not highway main.
17. Your city's biggest eyesore.
18. A place in your area on the National Register of Historic Places.
19. an old Barn
20. oldest book in your public library
21. go to an open house and shoot two photos, one outside showing for sale/open house sign, the other inside somewhere.
22. headstone of the oldest VETERAN's grave in your cemetery - be respectful please.
23. COFFEE/anything goes on this, the local coffee shop, art of coffee, etc...
24. restaurant with the most unusual name or sign in your town
25. and something very rural, agri-related...sheep, pigs, local handmade herbalist or soapmaker, etc....
now, go have fun!


Melanie Reyes said...

oo what fun! I'll print the list and keeping it with me as I'm out and about - although it might take me more than a day or two to get all these! :)

Toni said...

Super Melanie! There's really no rush, just think of it as your April challenge! I've got some others who are doing it too!