Thursday, April 03, 2008

Storm clouds 'I love the red'

I shot several today of the outflow that was building north of the city today, caused from the massive storm, south of us. It was intense to watch but so far hasn't done anything in our direct area. Except drive my sinuses into OT making me so miserable. Even Walgreen's version of Claritin is not working on it.
My eyes are itchy and watery, my throat is scratchy, just no fun. So, I don't feel like working on the images and am only posting one, my favorite. My husband likes the red as do I. It makes me think of that sailor's proverb, 'red sky at night, sailor's delight, red sky in morn', storm warning..' so I went and Googled and came up with this link:
But of course, the red in my photo is on the ground, not in the sky, but it was the sky that is my main focus. And while shooting, I discovered that my sensors/lenses need serious cleaning!
I really wanted to capture these clouds about 30 minutes earlier, but was dealing with an errand that took priority.
But back to the photo and storm. Had the cold and warm drafts merged as anticipated, it would have really cut loose. Wait, they are still cautioning us on this, large hail and winds could still happen out of this system. And I shot the photo about four hours ago. I hope you like the photo. I'll put more up on my flickr page and most will be sooc.

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