Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Polaroids and snapshots

Well, realizing I have plenty of photos to scan in and save to make duplicates of, this may become a weekly ritual. The Polaroids and snapshots one day a week.
The polaroids of the old building - story behind the photos goes like this:
My sister found this neat little town in Colorado in 1978. While we are California girls at heart, we were living in Oklahoma at the time. I was 16, Deb, well just add 13 years to my age, hah! Deborah decides our Mom should pack up and leave Oklahoma, after all, we'd only been in Oklahoma since 1972, move to a very, and when I say, very, rural area in Colorado, talk about culture shock. From San Francisco to Oklahoma was one thing, but now here she's convincing my mom of even more remote locations. I think she knew she had to sell me on it first. So, off we go to 'check it out' with mom's permission of course. Here we find this little bitty town. I mean, really, dirt roads except for the main street. The school is falling down, literally (see photos do tell the tale!). And I am thinking all along, okay, cool adventure, but no way! Haha, actually, I fell in love with it, especially considering sis found THE BIGGEST house around, right on the main street, two stories, corner lot, etc... oh yeah, tell me how much I'll miss Oklahoma - NOT! Especially when I realized that I'd be the new girl coming in from the big school. Yes, I have an ego.
The school was on its way to complete demolition, but turns out, the school I'd be attending was five miles away. whew! But before the move, on that trip, Deb and I made a photo excursion, taking turns shooting photos of each other. That big round thing had something to do with an old sugar beet factory at one time. I'm the one in black and brown, sis is showing off in the red shirt. Oh, the photo of me in the doorway of the factory shows me sticking out my tongue for some weird reason.
Well, I wrote more than intended, so I won't post as many photos tonight as planned. So here's the sets of the Sugar City High School, one of my sister way back in the day in California, oh circa 1968?, one of me at age 16 in Oklahoma, about six months before the adventure/move to Colorado.

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