Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Kenny Chesney made me cry

I planned to call this post "Photographer's Choice - Voted!" at for the upcoming fan video of the year awards that will be April 14. I almost didn't watch the Kenny Chesney video as I am just OK with his music. Yes, he's got some wonderful songs, but to sit and watch... anyway, I was really trying to make my votes based on these choices: like-able factor, creativity and photography of video (did you doubt?!), the lyrics and of course the music. I had marked Leanne Rimes 'Nothin' But Trouble' for Video of the Year. Carrie's 'Wasted' ran a close second on my score card. I watched KC's video the very last and almost ignored it. He made me cry. I got to thinking about my mom and how she lived to 92. I thought about my recent birthday '46' and how now I have grandkids and so many other things. Really puts the whole thing into perspective. Kinda scary too!

But let's back up to right after I watched Carrie's Wasted. Then I started watching a lot of the videos that I had not had a chance to watch this year. I fell in love with Keith Urban's 'I told you so" everything about this is great. The music, lyrics, the video photography, wow...and of course, Urban! So he got my Male video of year vote. Miranda Lambert's Famous in a Small Town won my vote on Best Female voy. Have loved it from day one.
Remember, photographer's choice here! LOL I enjoyed watching Little Big Town 'A little more you' they really looked like they were having fun and the film showed lots of creativity.
In Duo, hands down always - Montgomery Gentry rocks. They always get my vote, always!
What do you think about that?! No, not my vote, but the video! It's hilarious and so fun to watch.
Breakthrough video - Bucky Covington's Different World; and Collaborative goes to Garth and Huey! Love that one!
I voted Trey Fanjoy for director skills. Others that got my vote surprisingly were Jason Alexander for his role in the Online video, and Willie Nelson in Gravedigger. Wow, what a video. And I am so not a Willie fan! But that video is awesome.

Well, I have some old photos to scan and share, they will come in the next post. You can blame it on Kenny Chesney of course. So, Don't Blink!

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