Monday, August 04, 2008

Circles and circus

I've been holding this image back for quite some time. Figured I'd share it tonight with this odd post! *Reposted image. Had the wrong one/size up. I watermarked it since I do plan on offering this in my etsy shop.

Bear with me as I try to write this entry. It may become twisty, turning and backwards at times. Might become even upside down and inside out. No, I am not drinking. It's too stinking hot to drink anything but ice water with lime, though I did have an old fashion cherry sprite, but now have hiccups.

For several weeks I've been trying to remember the name of a blog I visited late one night. I even bookmarked it, which was my first mistake. I have way too many of those. But I did discover it tonight by accident in my email. The blog was dispatchfromla (link is on my blog list). So at one point, I decide to read some of the many comments over there and a name jumped out at me from one of the posts - LK Ludwig!

To share some history, LK and I, along with many other talented artists and writers were in some artist journal groups online. This was years ago, back when Inspiration Decks were just getting started. Which are now known as ATC's (Artist Trading Cards) or ACEO's (at etsy). I have some of LK's work somewhere, either through journal page swaps or other swaps, like altered book covers. It's buried in a box I'm sure. So I darted over to LK's blog and posted. I doubt she'll remember me though. That's beside the point.
Then I went back to dispatchfromla comments to check out the poster and that was Diane Cook and somewhere in the dark recesses of my mind the name is vaguely familiar. But Diane kind of has a name like many of us...not something that sticks out in your mind like LK Ludwig for all eternity.
Don't take it personal Diane! Mine is semi-plain too!

But I click on Diane's name and it takes me to her blog, a lovely place to go - From what Diane posted at dispatch, she ended up there via LK's blog. So there I am at Diane's blog and am delighted to see her wonderful jewelry. Turns out she has an etsy shop...geez, see where this is going? Then I start looking at her blog list and recognize many names. Including The Scent of Water...on flickr! And, I just happen to be a member there! It just shows really how small the world can be when connected like this.
To finish my story though, which may or may not really have any ending at dispatchfromla, she's reading and mentions the 1000 Journals project...ummm I participated in that all those years ago and did get my work published.
Does this really have any end to it? Probably not! Still, I felt compelled to share this. Mostly out of boredom. Now, I'm off to do more blog hopping. I'll be adding to my blog list, but not too much on this, as it would just grow and grow. The idea is to pick a place, go there, then go somewhere from there...who knows where the cyber brick road will take you....

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diane cook said...

Glad you stopped by, and yes, I know...round & round the blog world goes.
I have had no success with Etsy, so that is why I haven't put much back into it! I am a people person, and so goes the reason why. I have to choose where my energy will go (since I work full time). Several shows each year, blogging, 3 shops (now) and that is about all I am able to handle with grace~ I am always evolving, so who knows where my jewelry will be going next....
If you are interested in buying some of my jewelry, please ask prices~I have lots of necklaces & bracelets =)
btw...your photos are GREAT!