Sunday, August 24, 2008

Worldwide Photowalk fun

There was a world wide photowalk, Scott Kelby's that happened everywhere Saturday. I joined up with the OKC group, and my husband even came along to shoot! It was lots of fun, though I would have liked to have got to know a few more photographers better. And there were a lot of us there. I think Robert Trawick said 60! My photos are up on my flickr stream and the event was sponsored by several big companies and NAPP. Though it was to be a photo walk, we did a lot of model shooting too, thanks to Robert!
I figured I can always go back and shoot buildings and landscapes at my leisure, plus I wasn't overly pleased with the light that night.
Some of the cool people we got to meet were Charles and Amanda McKinnis, girl did you have that baby yet?!
Lorraine of Memory Laine Photography in Midwest City! We have got to get together again! I enjoyed visiting with you at dinner and I can't wait to see your building shot online!
James Pratt, who is a humble kind of guy but a great photographer and VERY FUNNY unexpectedly.
Trawick, well, he was just what I expected from his emails. Full of energy, and very likable! He did a fantastic job of putting together this event in such a short time.
There were some others who I can't remember names, but there were a lot of fun people there! And some major talent too. Like David Baxter, very quiet, but I have seen his work a time or two online and he's extremely talented. And his friend, Karen of kdc images in California. Check them out. They have great blogs and full of inspiration!
The models were awesome! thanks so much!
So, here's a few!

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flip flops and pearls said...

How cool is this!! I would have loved to have been part...HOW FUN!
Awesome stuff lady!

Happy Monday!