Tuesday, August 19, 2008

the ring

I shared this with some photographer friends and decided to share it here too!

The story behind The Ring shot:
My nephew had it picked out for his bride, - this was my Fort Lauderdale cruise ship wedding. Well, there we were sitting in the computer room at the resort going over the photos from the day, not even thinking about this one that I had shot very early on..it was a total surprise for the bride.
Well, it was SUPPOSE to have been at the cruise ship wedding the next day. Well the ring pics start popping up and my sister goes, ah, yes, the ring and then it was dead silence as we all realized how bad we just screwed up the surprise! I tried to blow on past it like no biggie but it was too late and I'm swallowing 'sorry' to my nephew and Laurie, and we are all crying by this time and he realizes well, guess I gotta give it to her. Well after a bit and all calmed down, she takes me aside dying of laughter. She had a ring for him too and they decided to go for a walk on the beach and she gave him his surprise.
Well the next day, it must have been a foretelling, as the cruise ship fiasco happened. they almost didn't get married on the ship thanks to H-l.... security and a lot of other issues. It was where I got in trouble for having a camera in a 'secured' area and my sister's big mouth bragging about me being a photojournalist among other things. At the time, nothing was funny but looking back, talk about some memories!

let me tell you, that ring ROCKS! The case it was in even had a light on it when you opened it. OK< that was a first for me! LOL

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