Thursday, August 07, 2008


Now this is the way to cool off when it's 105 degrees for a week straight. Actually, it was only around 90 degrees when I shot these!

My nephew is a firefighter down in Florida, (these are not him..these are in Oklahoma), but he was telling me today that when they are busy doing things they are definitely heroes, but other times, when it's slow firefighters tend to get ignored. I hate to hear that. I know one thing, more state and federal funds should be channeled their way. Most volunteer fire departments rely on their own fundraising, whether it's from membership fees or chili suppers or pancake dinners ...

Their equipment is costly, and many times, they have to deal with only the bare bones.

Sometimes, I wonder if people really stop to think about their charity causes. I bet firefighters rank near the bottom in a lot of communities when it comes to donations going their way? Think though, they are the ones who are first at the scene of an accident, up in the middle of the night to battle fires and protect our homes. So this post was just an effort for me to say, hey thanks firefighters all over the country for your efforts! You are appreciated!

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Misty C said...

These are great! And I couldn't agree with you more. Very nicely put.