Monday, March 02, 2009

trio of energy

here's yet another one from my Saturday shoot. I wanted to say that my inspirations for the day started with Ann Hamilton and Sharon Montrose, great photographers, fantastic dogographers?, dog portrait artists? whatever, just fantastic! One other photographer was also inspiration, always has been and that is Barbara Breitsameter. I first saw her work years ago on Better Photo. Oh there are many others like the fabulous Erin Vey (edit: meant to say Emily Reiman) who I e-mailed back and forth frequently years ago. I need to send her a hi! But, Sharon Montrose is one I just discovered and I absolutely love her work! Anyway, just wanted to give proper 'paws' to these wonderful photographers! It's work like theirs and their personalities that are inspiring.
Oops, I meant to say Emily Reiman was the one I emailed with years ago. I think Erin and I exchanged an email once or twice, but I wanted to make sure Emily gets props because she is such a great dog photographer! Be sure to Google and check out these women's sites!

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