Tuesday, March 10, 2009

SATURDAY!! They need homes!

Below I wrote the event was Friday. No it is Saturday! Hurry, tickets still available! It's going to be so much fun! My photos are on display, I've donated a pet session and a trio of beautiful refrigerator magnets. There are lots of great silent auction items, a hypnotist and more! So hurry and get tickets!

Would you believe these friendly furry faces are pound pets, homeless shelter dogs? I spent an afternoon a couple weeks ago at our local humane society shelter facility (there is a previous post with other photos) and am finally finishing up the editing.

A big fundraising event is Friday, tickets may still be available. Some of the dogs I photographed already were adopted -YAY! but there are always more waiting for the right owner. These are some of my favorites that if I could have, I would have brought home. I always have wanted a chocolate lab.
Then I watched Beverly Hills Chihuahua, so how could I resist this little pup?
And the doxie is a "pair" they reside at the shelter, the mascots! Isn't he cute? I've discovered that the doxie must be the most owned dog breed in Stephens County, Oklahoma! I've had more clients who have just as many doxies as they do children! I usually try to get a few photos of their family member included. For after all, pets are part of our families, right?!

Oh, the fundraiser. It's Friday, did I just say that? Yes! Ha! There will be a hypnotist, lots of silent auction items -including a pet portrait session donated by yours truly here! Starting bid is at $50 for this $150 value session.
I ordered a bunch of prints that will be on display from this afternoon session at the shelter. And a set of three cute refrigerator magnets that will go either as a door prize or auction item. Not sure which. Value $15. All for a good cause. All proceeds at the show go to the shelter.

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Michal (relevant.impressionist) said...

Beautiful photos! The last one is my favourite, I would call it Frankness. :)