Monday, March 30, 2009

Blues Brothers rock the house

Updated note: I'm remixing the video and will post the new version in a new post above when it is ready later tonight. I took out some of the duplicate images and hopefully it won't be so glitchy when it loads.
NOTE: I've never had a problem with animoto shows loading, but this one keeps recycling to load up. I hope that is not the case on your end, considering that I PAY for the animoto service. Highly unusual for the delay...ummmm try this link if the show posted here doesn't work for you:

AS promised to a few select individuals, some highlights of the Miss Comanche 2009 pageant from Saturday night. I think it was the most fun I've had in a long time covering an event. (That does not mean that I want to become a full-time reporter again, no thank you!) I love to write and this was an easy event to create a story from. Hope you picked up a copy of the paper today. Some more photos will be in Tuesday's issue. Meanwhile, congratulations to the girls and thank you to the "Blues Brothers" for the entertainment and way to step it up Sen. Anthony Sykes (for joining in on the BB act!) Great fun!

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