Friday, March 27, 2009

State of Emergency, find the beauty within!

OK< my news side sort of took over in the my title post! I kept hearing this odd noise and realized we were getting wasn't hail, but bigger than sleet. The wind is crazy, and we are in one of the milder targeted counties according to the news on TV.
The last photo on this post below is from after the last storm we had several weeks ago. It wasn't really much of a storm, but lent itself to beautiful images. This storm I may just stay inside - until I HAVE to venture out Saturday night to cover an event in a town 10 miles south.

This nasty weather gives us photographers plenty of opportunity to play on the Internet, or process images. I shot these tangelos a week or so ago. Processed them in all different ways. I can't make up my mind what is my favorite! May have to make a blurb book just with all the different final versions. Maybe one of those small blurb books in softcover.
I sure wish I had gotten the fourth book of the Twilight series. This would have been a great weekend to read that. I am finishing up Dark Side of the Moon by Sherrilyn Kenyon. It's OK. I think I'll go dig up a book by Diane Mott Davidson out of my closet and read it. Perfect weather. Hot tea or cocoa and I'm good to go! Course, a latte would be primo! You can find more of my tangelos on my flickr stream. A link is to the side of my blog, visually.

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