Sunday, March 15, 2009

feedjit has me in Roswell, NM?@@@

I kept seeing all this traffic from Roswell, New Mexico, and discovered that feedjit burner has my blog listed from there. I changed it so we will see where the traffic will come from next. They really need to fix that. I typed in Duncan, Oklahoma and found sites from Texas and all over the world. If they can't do better than that, they should just forget about it.

I'll be back later to post some funny photos from last night's fundraiser for the humane society show. There was a hypnotist and plenty of laughter. Chef Ramsey, Brad Pitt and Carol Burnett were all in town too! LOL I've got the pictures to 'prove' it.
My donation of a pet photo session brought a silent auction bid of $125, that might help them buy a bag or two of dog food!
And I had lots of people come up to me after the event and are interested in pet photo sessions!
Well, off to do some more Sunday morning blog surfing!


Anonymous said...

i love your blog too. and yes, to my embarrassing and ashamed self, i looked back at my post and realized i said his instead of her (talking about punam bean). thanks for correcting me, though. i fixed it on my blog. and yes, i'd love to trade links :)

flip flops and pearls said...

Hey you.....
Mine has always been wrong! I am on my new Mac, I will go and see if this one is's always been the wrong state too:)
Hope all is well!!