Saturday, July 18, 2009

Photo Share Wooden Bowl series

Claudia and I have been trading photos for a few months on and off. Our birthdays are very close and we 'found' each other on flickr. We think we might have been separated at birth, except we're a few years age difference.

We both like wooden bowls and that's what started it. I have the first photo she sent me framed on my kitchen counter. Of eggs in a wooden bowl. Interestingly enough, I have a photo of eggs in a blue ceramic bowl on the wall above it. It was a photo I shot years ago, none of that was planned. Anyway, we both find and photograph wooden bowls, amongst our many other interests that appeal to us. Old bicycles, items.

This weekend was our city garage sale. I went to many and found some neat things. I passed up a bowl for $7, but today found one for $3. Claudia sent me these photos this week, which I wasn't expecting and was delighted with the snail mail surprise! I took them out on the porch and used my new "old" bowl and some antique ceiling tin, another find, as basis for photographing the photos. I like the result. I also think that Claudia and I have started something now with this photo sharing. Just keep posted. Never know what we'll do with it.
So here's a link to some photos I sent her as a birthday greeting.

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