Sunday, July 26, 2009

When it clicks!

Several things fell into place for this photo session, the only downfall was it was so hot that she really wasn't enjoying it and her hair wilted. But, the basket and outfit I had just found earlier this week and about two weeks ago, I got permission to use this porch and the house is up for sale. The outside is awesome, but the interior is so dated and the kitchen is barely enough room to walk through. It'd be great if someone could buy it and gut it and redesign the floor plan.
Anyway, the most expensive part of this session?! The flowers! They wilted too only moments into the session. I still think I got some great shots of my granddaughter, who soon will be 2. Course, you all know I will have to do another session in a month. I already have a couple places in mind for her birthday session.

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Awww...she's gorgeous! How do you know her? Love the picture with her smelling the flower (the second, I believe)