Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Video footage of Oklahoma storms | Oklahoma Photographer

I'm working on trying to get a video uploaded, but not having success. So trying youtube now.
This was actually the storm that is hitting Lake Fuqua and headed towards Bray, Elmore City, Pauls Valley, east of Duncan. We did almost get trapped in it, but found a road that got us heading back west toward U.S. Highway 81. Saw some flying hail and knew we might be in trouble. I won't say how fast I was driving, but let's say, it was fast and the rain was heavy drops. Passed a Marlow fire personnel truck, probably storm spotting. Called the sheriff after we got past it and then sat under some rotation until we decided we were just getting too risky. We actually started out leaving Duncan around 6:30 or so and it was clear and there seemed to be nothing, just tons of clouds north of us. We went out SH 29 east of Marlow to Bray, then saw it just exploding back toward Duncan, so we turned around at the junk yard on the highway and just a block or two down the road turned onto Cason Road and headed south. We found a good location to watch the storm build, listen to the thunder and then headed back to Duncan on our route, but then ran into the storm and it was a little tense for a few minutes until we got out of it.

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