Sunday, May 09, 2010

Photographer's Retreat & Erica Dawn | Oklahoma Photographer

I hosted a photographer's retreat Saturday and about 9 of us, plus a couple of husbands showed up. Then there were the gunslingers and the teens! And one awesome country artist who has the pipes to prove it! These first two are Erica Dawn, and I'm sure one day she'll be signed, but for now, she's enjoying being a teen and all those wonderful memories that come with that angst age. I've photographed her for years, and she just keeps growing up. What's up with that?!

This is her friend Rayne, one photo 3 ways.

And Chisholm! He rocked this shot, didn't he!

I'll post more this week, but the retreat was definitely that and so much more. We went to an old west town that none of them even knew about and if we hadn't been so exhausted, probably would have shot hours more! Before the day was over, everyone was begging me to host another one. So I guess that will have to be scheduled onto my calendar (no arm twisting necessary!)
I promise I'll have more to share.

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