Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Custom framed "Freedom Challenged"

When I first met my husband, he always talked about how he thought the Eagle was one of the greatest creatures. He talked about having a photograph, and this was before he realized my passion for photography. Try as I might in my early photography pursuits to get a photo of an eagle, it never happened. Lack of the proper lens was the main issue.
I pretty much gave up on the idea of ever getting the Eagle shot I so wanted to give my husband. Until we went to the zoo. I didn't go looking for the Eagle, in fact, I was having great delight in the pink flamingos and the bears.
In March, we took our granddaughter to the Oklahoma City Zoo and we were having so much fun and then she saw the Eagle. I took several photos and then read the information about the bird. Apparently it and another were injured, one was shot, the other was, I think, hit by a vehicle.
Anyway, this bird was the one with the injured shoulder and I laughed a bit teasing my husband and said, hey, the bird and you have something in common. He injured his shoulder and is still recovering from that. Course, he didn't see much humor in that. It wasn't until we were home and looking at the images that we realized just what a great shot I had. So on a whim, I ordered a 16x24 size (if you do that, expect to follow my instructions!) and because of the odd full size image, I had to have it custom framed. I've waited just over two weeks for it and finally got it today from Celebration Frames. What a great job she did! I love this image and my husband really likes it. So now it has a nice corner in our living room.

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