Saturday, May 15, 2010

Old truck and roses | Oklahoma Photographer

Took a drive over to Medicine Park. I've only been a couple times many many years ago and was disappointed. Not today! We didn't have time to stop in the little town, but it was bustling and then we saw some of the new home construction. Oh wow, some of those homes are so perfectly landscaped. The wildflowers were blooming and I saw a lone buffalo wandering, but didn't have time for that either. I did get some of the flowers and the lake and waterfalls. I shot this from the car. This is one of the neatest old trucks I've seen in a long time. Will definitely have to go back. I want some of those round cobblestones too, ha! Not sure how I'll get that wish fulfilled, they weigh a few hundred pounds. I think I'll rent a 400mm lens next time.

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