Thursday, June 03, 2010

Giving Back | Oklahoma Photographer

"Dream and Hope" set, because that's what it's all about for children!

There's nothing like walking into the Duncan Elk's Country Club and seeing the room filled with items donated from businesses and individuals to help the Duncan Chamber of Commerce & Industry support the First Day Program which buys books for kindergarten children (

When Cindy Reynolds first asked me through facebook if I'd donate a couple of my prints, I hesitated, thinking, "you want some of my images?" LOL Actually, it was more like, gosh, how could I ever pick anything for this? Would people like what I chose, and then it was how would I choose.

So, when I looked through the thousands of files I had, I picked something I had not promoted online, had four images printed black and white, instead of the color. Then I had a couple of beautiful floral images that I love but had not framed yet, one in metallic. I ended up giving Cindy the entire batch of images. And she was so gracious also, because she framed the images! She really is as nice as she looks!
So when I walked in saw the tables, then saw "MY" photographs framed and looking just awesome, I was a bit surprised.
I love the way Cindy framed my floral images (the one on the right is metallic). Will have to order these again for my own delight!

It really made me feel good to be helping a program that benefits children and literacy.
It was also fantastic to see so many donations. Including this fantastic image which I fell in love with from Martha Burger (MB Images).

Who really gets the thanks!! Debra Burch, Susan Camp, Laurie Baldwin and Cindy.(Sandy, where are you?!!)

At the front of the room even! Nothing like photographers getting near the front of the room. Also, big shout out to Brian Hibbard and Indie Jane photography for donating sessions. Great job Duncan photographers!!

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