Saturday, June 26, 2010

Friday evening love or 'You spoil me'

No photos, well later maybe. But right now, I just want to share my wonderful Friday evening. Little Miss MM came over and when her daddy was ready to leave, she informed him (now remember, she isn't quite 3 yet), that she would be staying with Meme. Hey, works for Me!
So, after getting her old toenail and fingernail polish off (which for some reason her mother insists on applying, the toes I don't mind). I cleaned her up and of course, always have a new outfit for her to wear. I put that on her and off we went to WalMart to go shopping.
She informed me that she needed, not one, but two, toothbrushes. One had to be a Barbie toothbrush for her home and the other for Meme's home. It didn't stop there, she wanted the toothpaste, the hairbrush and a few other things. Then in that precious little voice and darling face, she looks up at me and says "you spoil me." It was simply a matter of statement. She's right. I do spoil her and love doing it.
I had two boys and now I know that I wasn't meant to have a girl. I was meant to have a granddaughter so that I could have days like this.
We continued our shopping spree and found her a wonderful pink beach towel with lots of colorful butterflies, then it was off to find sandwich food.
And of course a "birfday" cake... which was just a single kids cupcake. She likes the frosting. I didn't take photos while we enjoyed our cake and pink milk. It was just joy to sit and have our little pink milk party.
After that, and gobs amount of frosting all over her face, it was time for her big bubble bath. She loves bath time like I love the beach. I can't wait to take her to the beach one of these days. It'll be pure heaven. For now though, we may have to settle for the lake.
Well, now it's off to hunt a treasure in a yard sale this morning. Have a great Saturday.

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