Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Be careful on the road!

The day started rough, when a Velma-Alma school bus crashed and I headed off to cover it being the only available reporter/photographer. I thought there was a "signal 30" code for death. Boy was I relieved to arrive and find out that was not the case. All the kids went to the hospital and there were no fatalities. So I needed to go photograph something a little merrier. After getting home to Marlow, my son played chaffeur and around the south end of town we drove. Here's a few of those photos. My camera battery started going dead (the Happy Holidays snowman is a little blurry because of shutter lag). I hope to go out to the north end of town tomorrow night. And if you want to read about the accident, go to the title of this post and click for the link. OOPS- It's not posted yet! Maybe tomorrow.

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