Sunday, December 03, 2006

Junk Diva day!

Just a quick update! I know many of you are waiting to see some of your photos online from Saturday. I'm working fast and furious to get them done..wait, I'm not furious, well, frustrated maybe!
I came home Saturday evening extremely exhausted, have no idea why! But I went to bed instead of doing anything. At 8 p.m.!
Then today I got up and started working on downloading photos to my computer. As soon as I got done with that task, I was out the door to Duncan for a family photo session. As luck has it, everyone has now realized if they don't get their portraits done in the next few days, they may be out of luck. But, I'm having so much fun so I don't mind staying busy-busy.
But as I headed home today, my husband calls to tell me transformers blew in our block. I get home and I know there were at least four that went. Kept city crews tied up for a couple hours and boy did our house get cold in that time!
By now you've figured, no electricity, no computer, therefore, I am so BEHIND!Here's a few photos from Saturday. I'll post again this evening as an update. I'm so lucky to get to photograph such beautiful families and children. Thank you to everyone who came in to Junk Divas for your Christmas photos!
If there is enough demand I may return next Saturday!

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