Monday, December 11, 2006

Blue boas, sour green apple walls and lots of fun!

Six-year-old girls know how to have fun! Of course it helps when you have your birthday party at a too cool, colorful tea room at Junk Divas!
From the moment I saw this room, I knew it would be perfect to have a mini photo session of little girls playing dress up and just being silly. Then when Laura told me she would be offering it for tea parties, no not the formal, stuffy, oops don't break the china tea party kind -- instead the let's all have fun, laugh, giggle and talk about dipping french fries in your milkshake kind, I was tickled when she invited me to crash on her first party. Catie's mom knew I was coming, so I want to say thank you for letting me photograph your daughter's party. I'm kind of partial to December birthdays since both my boys lay claim to that! Back to THE party = These little girls were very polite, knew about manners and all in all, just FUN!
Here they are at the end of the party just being silly beneath the big lighted arch in front of the "wow, pink bubble gum" wall. The next photo I 'glamoured' up for this little girl and her mom who were sitting in front of the, yup, you guessed it, "sour green apple wall." Too fun!
Hats, feather boas and lots of jewelry are elements of any fun party!
The center photos are of the birthday girl and her grandmother who stopped in to share in the fun.
And look at Catie's friends as she blows out the candles - total anticipation! Sorry that photo looks a bit dark here. It's really not. I've noticed some photos load up darker then they are. I'll get more of these up this week in my regular site at (really it's just a proofing gallery!). If you plan to have a party, seriously consider one of Laura's tea parties!
Also, I'm available to photograph birthday parties. I charge a session fee and the birthday kid gets the digital negatives (edited) and a permission to print release form.

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