Saturday, December 16, 2006

Oh Honey!

Somedays my photoshop program works without hesitation, then there's days like today where I just get frustrated at its slow progress. But, I managed to process 2 photos!
Here's one of my favorites! This pup, Honey, was so cute and this shot was it! I made it black and white since someone I ran into yesterday asked if I did b/w! Do I do b/w? LOL Of course! Though most everyone knows me for the poppin' color my photos exhibit!

As for the next two weeks, I'm pretty much through with holiday photos and need to spend time with my family and am committed to another job for the time being. I still haven't begun my Christmas shopping!

But start thinking ahead to January! I'll be offering my black/white special and will post prices after the holidays. There will only be a limited number of sessions available for this, so call early to book your appointment.
For those still needing to order prints from weddings or sessions, please call me right away. We can discuss it over the phone. For some reason, I posted wedding prices and while I can see them here (at my site/on my computer), they are not showing up out THERE! Not sure what's going on.
Also, seniors start booking the studio portion of your sessions NOW. We can do it during the winter months and when spring arrives, get the outdoor location session done then.

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