Sunday, December 03, 2006

Laughter. Attitude. Expressions.

A big thank you to the R. family there is no doubt what team they are cheering for!
Talk about cute girls and what a beautiful family! I love this photo - just look how happy everyone is! I hope to get a chance again in the spring to photograph them outdoors where they can really have fun.
When you book a session with me, forget about stiff, posed portraits..You're not in W-mt anymore Toto! I will take some of those, but I want you to remember to have fun! Photos should reflect your personality, your love for one another!
Think - Laughter. Attitude. Expressions! You'll find those 3 little words on my new business cards. Look at M. and A. in this next photo. Talk about cute! M. doesn't look like he's being forced to hug his sister. I love that. In fact, he was ready for more photos on Sunday.

And here we have C's grandkids. I'm seeing this photo looking a little darker on my monitor then it did when I processed it. But I love the richness of the colors!

I'll post more from Saturday later as I have some extremely fun, darling photos of these kids!

And this photo reflects Miss D's beautiful personality. She is such a doll and I was happy to start my day photographing her. I've got more to share later!

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