Sunday, July 08, 2007

Please let me say...

The photos below of little Miss K. are not meant in any way to be disrepectful to our flag. If anyone has concerns, please let me know via private email. So far, all I've heard are wonderfully pleasing comments, but I did want to go on the record with my thoughts. I gave a lot of thought on this session. The flag stayed on the bench, never touching the ground. I couldn't drape it like I normally drape it since she was so tiny and we needed her to sit up. The bench was the best answer. The flag has become such a commercial product, - underwear, license plates, paper plates, napkins, etc...but that is not the way I feel about it. To me, this was just a great way for the parents to show their pride - in both their daughter and our country. I feel very strongly about our country and patriotism. And while I'm on the subject, I strongly support our troops. I may not like the war efforts, mostly because our troops aren't being treated right, but after I did Charles Dyer's session in February (a photo of him with his little girl can be found on my website), I understand why these troops continue their battle. So, while this may be a few days late in posting after our country's birthday, it holds true no matter what day of the year I post. My prayers are with our troops always.
And, a big shout goes out to one of the very first girls I ever photographed - Crystal, stationed down in Austin. I have to dig out her photo from when I did a session of her when she was in seventh grade in Colorado. I found her by accident on myspace. She's active NG and has been everywhere - Egypt, Iraq...It's nice to 'find' old photo models who are all grown up! I've told her that next time she's this way, she gets a free session from me because she's in the service.

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