Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Transformers Rocks!

OHMIGOSH!!! This movie was so great! Well, that's not what I want to say, but at the risk of offending someone, I won't write that! No, now really, this movie is totally super. I remember buying my boys the toys when they were little and then to go watch it was so much fun. My youngest son, a friend, my husband, brother and I went. I could have sat through it again. It was that good.
Right before we left, I was on the phone with my nephew in Florida and he said his buddy had just got out of the theater down there only 20 minutes before and also gave it rave reviews.
And speaking of my nephew...CONGRATULATIONS!!! He just passed his state paramedic exam! Years ago, he got into volunteer firefighting and over the years has just worked his way up to this great day. I'm so proud of you Christian! In spite of a rocky past year, he never gave up. So here's to you kiddo, for being a fantastic nephew, a good son to my sister and one heckuva terrific single father raising two beautiful children on your own. I just know you will do great! Oh yeah, and the cha..ching bells are ringing loud now aren't they?! Hah!

So back to Transformers....if you haven't gone and seen it yet today, don't wait...the crowds weren't so bad since they apparently are showing it all throughout the day.

And it looks like I get the Fourth to spend with my family since no one called to book an appointment....Have a great Fourth!

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