Friday, July 20, 2007

See, told you I was busy!!

Normally, I give each session its own little sneak peak, but with a wedding, a family session and a young girl with quite the personality all in the span of 10 days, that isn't happening this time.
So, here's just a few favorites from all of those hundreds of images I've been working on.
Congratulations to Melissa and Dan on their wedding! Congratulations to Dottie and George Lara on their 50th anniversary! And good luck to Hannah in the upcoming Stephens County Fair pageant contest!
I have to add something.
The Lara family has to be the most beautiful, kind bunch I have ever had the fortune to meet and photograph. All 27 of them! I'm still trying to remember everyone's names, but let me tell you, this family is super! They get top billing in my book of people to know! I loved surprising them with a quick slideshow at their anniversary the night after we did their photos. It was so fun to watch their faces as they watched the show. You are the BEST! That goes for everyone who I get to photograph. I had a hard time deciding which ones to post. I love the silly shot of the Lara grandchildren! And I have a great silly shot of Hannah that I plan on posting, along with some very heart-touching images from Melissa and Dan's day!
Probably Sunday I will post more.
Meanwhile, if you want photos, call me to start booking for August through November. I won't be photographing in December.


Misty Cullum said...

Oh Toni... You have been busy! I just love ALL of these photos... I've never seen a family shot of that size look so good! And isn't Heather's little girl just precious?! Beautiful photos... I hope you post more... once you catch up, that is! =)

Dottie Lara said...

Toni, thanks for all of the sweet things you said about our family.
We thought you were quite a blessing yourself. Had no idea the photo session would be so much fun. No stress! That's hard to believe, but you just took it all in stride and made it fun for us.
We really loved the slide show surprise. That was so special for us to see while all together, since everyone would soon be going back to their distant homes. All of your work is lovely - the feelings just pop right out. (Cool pic with the BLUE jeans).

Heather Looney said...

OMG......Hannah WON Mini-Miss Photogenic!! We are so excited!! Thank you so much for the awesome work you did with her! Be prepared to hear it over and over. LOL August 23rd is the crowning, wish us luck!! :)