Sunday, July 01, 2007

Fourth of July!

K.B. is one of my favorite kids to photograph and just to talk to. She's got such personality and I love her like crazy! This was last year's photo. Her little brother and other cute kids can be found on my new Web site! I also can add a vintage style blend to the image for something unique. I have a section there just for Patriotic Portraits and have more to add.
Fourth of July in Marlow offers loads of photo opportunities. From before the parade and behind the scenes events right through the day to the big finale of fireworks over Redbud Park. If you are within driving distance, Marlow is the place to spend your day - that is if it isn't RAINING! I can't wait for Wednesday, it's always fun and one of the reasons I like living here.
But, some of you are probably thinking, okay, is she going to do photos that day?! YES! But you have to book an appointment. I'll be at my studio on and off through the day, and will have an American Flag set up for patriotic portraits. I was going to put up an Oklahoma Centennial flag, just haven't fully made up my mind on that one.
These will be affordable quick sessions and if you live out of town, you can make arrangements to get your CD either later that day or I can mail it to you for a small extra cost. So, please call me if you are interested. Time is running out. Because if I'm not booked, I will be out and around shooting candids.

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