Friday, July 27, 2007

Oklahoma clouds

From my archives. Sitting here eating a bowl of Lucky Charms trying to wake up I decided to look in my old files for something to play with. Found this old photo and ran a couple actions on it. Not sure which one I like best. I love the way the image pops in the one, but detail is lost. The other retains the detail. I may get this one printed. It's been awhile since I enlarged any of my landscape images. Haven't had a really good storm to chase either. Well, off to take a shower and head to work. I'm putting in some extra hours writing these days. Kind of a nice change of pace. But, don't forget, September is just around the corner for those considering family sessions so you have a photo for your Christmas and holiday greeting cards!

1 comment:

misty cullum said...

Love them both... Just beautiful. My fav is the one with the more detail though. =)