Sunday, August 09, 2009

From Auntie to Me me

I'm bored for the moment, so I'd thought I'd write something personal. It's not often I do that, but I figure it's only fair since so many blogs that I read offer wonderful bits of their lives.
I've always and when I say always, I mean ALWAYS, have been Auntie in from the day I arrived in this glorious world. You see, my mom, she was a bit older when I came along so there were already grown kids with their own kids, which made me 'auntie'...and while some of them are older then me, I'm still Auntie..that was until my granddaughter came along. Now it's funny because try as we might pick our own 'name' grandkids have another line of thinking and MM has decided that Me-me works well for me, because then she can say to me My-my is home with me-me! Kinda stinking precious cute now isn't it!!!
So, that's all you get from Me-me tonight on the subject of me-me.
Now, I'm back to reading fun blogs like one of my followers (I much prefer the description of 'fan') If you haven't seen Jen and Crystal's Beachy Keen, you need to go check it out! Very fun indeed!
I need to mention my fave blogs and those who read mine, more often! Thanks for reading and please leave some comments love! ;-)

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