Saturday, August 29, 2009

I'm Back!

Lots to post, but right now just a quick hi and to let everyone know I'm 'kind of' back. My photoshop programs are vanished, but I got my computer limping along, just can't resize anything to upload to web.
It's been a busy week and the county free fair was this weekend. I went out there for a little bit one day. I missed taking MM to the fair. That would have been fun, but schedules didn't work out well, I suppose. We did celebrate her 2nd birthday this weekend and it was fun. We had pink and yellow crepe paper all over the patio, balloons, mini cupcakes, a green 'Dora' cake, strawberries, pixie sticks, animal crackers and more. She squealed when she saw her "birthday party." How I ever managed to rack up nearly $80 in 'stuff' and presents, I'll never know. And most of that was at the Dollar Tree...go figure!
Well, I'm still working at getting photos figured out to resize. Any hints?

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