Monday, August 10, 2009

Some etsy love

OK, it's officially Monday here, so here's my Monday morning post (since I'm going to bed and work is a must tomorrow). It's been a long while since I etsy-shared, but look at this etsy shop,, please forgive me, but I have the worst time trying to link things in my posts, ?any tips?... anyway, the shop's name is baby bomb and I love, love, love those wooden embroidery hoops with fabric and sometimes she makes felt flowers on them. My mom would have loved the idea, now it's given me some ideas. And yes, I've had a glass of wine, Oklahoma wine, little sweet, but I'll sleep wonderfully. my idea though? I've got some little baby outfits from way back in the day...I'll salvage the material and make some of these. but that means digging into our storage unit to find the hoops that I have packed away. ahhhhhhhh...

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