Sunday, December 27, 2009

A great Christmas!

Proof of a great meal! Look at his face and pose! Too funny!

Miss MM shows Mr. B how the drum works, but I think he's got it figured out pretty fast.

the downfall of taking photos is not really knowing what this look was all about...tell me these two aren't related! Oh and now you know why the previous two photos are b/w..that chair is horrendous, but a good buy for $15 years ago that I don't worry about spills and such.

and a really bad photo of me with the babies other than we are all so happy. This photo definitely indicates I need a trip to salon, color/cut...and I guess I should have put on makeup...Now you know!

It really was a great Christmas this year! First off, we really didn't do "adult presents" even though I cheated and bought my husband some movies and he bought me a 1927 Bible found at a local antique store and a photo album to do some much needed print organizing. I have to say, we kept those spendings to around $20 each. We did buy the grandbabies gifts and watching them open them was so much fun. I also got my brother two baseball books.
As for my grown sons and the girls they have to wait until January. They know why! Actually, my idea is to make it a bit more special for them since they are both born in December. So it's almost like their birthdays get cheated lumped in with Christmas. Plus we were pretty broke!
To make up for it though, we had a ton of food and this was the first year in many that I can say, no one jumped up from the table when they were done. No rushing through. Just a nice dinner where we all sat and laughed and talked .. thanks to the babies!

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