Saturday, December 26, 2009

Mr. Dimples or Little Mister B.

Just depends on who is talking at the time! We so enjoyed our grandson on Christmas Day! Once he woke up, he just kept us laughing the entire time with his funny faces and even eating dinner was a blast. He loves his green beans for sure.

Grandchildren are so much fun!

Now, on another note, I'm considering retiring this blog and starting a new one. I'm getting a lot of spam comments that irritate me and this blog was originally started for my portrait business years ago, but when I got away from that, I just started 'blogging.' The only problem is I feel like I'm writing to myself. I get a few comments now and then, but am trying to rethink what I can do to encourage more great comments from those who stop by.
I haven't made a final decision yet, so we will see.

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