Monday, December 07, 2009

New Place Online!

Before I get started, I decided to add something to the right of my blog. There you will find a couple links when I mention other sites so you can just click there and go once you finish reading my entry.
Sometimes I end up 'out there' online without realizing how I got there, but I found a new site that featured a new store in Redwood City, Calif. I lived there once, briefly, as a child. My mother lived there for awhile though, before I came along.
This store, Brick Monkey, sure looks fun. One quick glance reveals a place I'd love to visit sometime. I'd love to own a store like that even, but I'm not sure Duncan, Oklahoma, is the place for such a store, but then again, I could be surprised. So while hopping around on Brick Monkey's site, I find a link to a magazine, it's new too - Nesting Newbies. OK, instant adoration for this new online mag. It's got videos, food, decor, etc...And then they give a little shout out to some of their favorite blogs and well, what do you know, a couple of them are my favorites! and
So go check out Brick Monkey, visit Nesting Newbies and be sure to hop over to the two sites I've been a long fan of. But before you go, please post a comment here. Let me know if you enjoy what you see. Thanks and please stay safe out there everyone. We've got a storm moving into Texas/Oklahoma region. Could be nasty. Oh, I can go walking and get photos maybe in the morning!
Meanwhile, I'll leave you with a photo from Saturday session

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Lea McIntosh @ Nesting Newbies said...


Thank you so much for taking the time to share Nesting Newbies with your readers! We are a fan of Brick Monkey too! Hopefully, they will eventually sell online as they have the most amazing designs in metal furniture. Saving my pennies for a piece. :-) Stay tuned...we're working on our Winter issue of NN magazine now for a late January release!

-Lea McIntosh @ Nesting Newbies