Saturday, March 29, 2008

Cars! Is anyone out there ...

My favorite image of the day!

The second annual auto swap meet happened this weekend, so my husband and I went out there to see if there was anything worth seeing. I'm only posting a few photos, but I got a ton of great images for photo art for our walls. We've been trying to come up with some photos that say 'us' more than just 'Toni's photography!' My husband and I have always gone to car shows so this was perfect. Plus we bought a couple name pieces, an authentic vintage one Fairlane 500, for $5 and then a new reproduction that says "Muscle" though I wanted one that said "Ride"
My husband had a Fairlane when he was a teenager. So, we're going to make a bunch of images to go on our front room wall. Should be cool!
Oh and if you stop by here often or not, post a comment so I know I've got fans! hah! No, really, I'd love to read comments - good preferably!

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